Welcome Aboard the USS Pompeii

It's the year 2390 and the USS Voyager has finaly come home, with their return came all their discoveries, and a new urge for space exploration, thus Starfleet picks the best ship they have, and the only Man with the most working knowledge of her. That ship is the USS Pompeii-A, and that man is Paul Nikon. The USS Pompeii-A is on a scouting mission for Starfleet in the Delta Quadrant. They are to take scientific surveys, keep up diplomatic relations with races Voyager made contact with, and sign peace treaties with all who all willing. So that on a later date Starfleet, now having already poplulated the Gamma Quadrant, will come in making the presence of the United Federation of Planets known in 4 Quadrants.

The USS Pompeii-A is a new class of starship modified for use in the Delta Quadrant, and anyother dangerous mission placed infront of her. The surging class prototype is called the Meridian-Class, a ship that is essentially the same as the Prometheus-Class excepting the size and weaponry, this vessel is packed with considerably more weaponry then ever seen on the Prometheus-Class while also being equiped with advanced scientific equipment aswell. She is the most advanced ship in Starfleet to date.

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